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Amnesia CBD Feminized

Amnesia CBD Feminized

Amnesia CBD is a feminized marijuana seed designed to bring the benefits of Original Amnesia to all users, regular and sporadic.┬áBecause Original Amnesia is a strong dish, not suitable for all diets, this is the “light” version.

10 seeds: 24.99$

Its balanced and energizing effect departs from the euphoric potency of its predecessor, and its cannabidiol levels ensure a controlled sensation. Its cultivation, on the other hand, is not so different from that of a sativa queen: it is a striking plant, to the sight and to the smell.

Amnesia CBD is a sativa-dominant cannabis plant. Even though a cross with an elite CBD clone detracts from sativa hegemony by 40%, it is still a tall, open-structured strain. Advantage? Light and air easily reach all parts, reducing humidity problems and giving the buds power. Problems? If you want to grow discreetly on your terrace or in a small closet, this genetics will not adapt easily. Because it needs enough space to develop, and once it does, it will be quickly discovered. And it is that the genes of his mother Original Amnesia prevail. Therefore, although it is shorter than the original, its internodes are still wide and its tendency is to stretch.

This is one of the strengths of its mother Original Amnesia, and the pattern is repeated with Amnesia CBD. It is a good producing cannabis plant, not only of buds, but also of resin. Although the size of the flowers is slightly smaller than those of Original Amnesia, those of the CBD version are still large flowers, and of course compact. Regarding the resin, lovers of trichome genetics have an obligatory date with this Amnesia CBD, during whose last days of flowering we will not be able to get close to it or touch it without getting wet.

Amnesia CBD has a very strong aroma and flavor. As soon as the flowering begins, the Haze matures and gradually invades the surroundings. Haze lovers will have their expectations met with this genetics. And in addition, it is a quite original Haze aroma, which includes new citrus nuances.

Here comes the best of Amnesia CBD. Because it causes a sensation of those that changes us at the moment, and modifies us in the best of the senses. The smile muscles are immediately stimulated and the facial expression unintentionally brightens and relaxes. It is a genetics that injects joy, energy and positivity. But its potency is moderate. If its predecessor owes its name to the possible memory losses that its consumption can cause, none of that happens with its version high in cannabidiol. Because this cannabinoid keeps THC at bay and lets it manifest only its most radiant effects: those that alleviate problems and enhance illusions.

Amnesia CBD is a marijuana plant whose cultivation requires space and filters for the smell (if we grow it indoors). We say this because its structure is very open and tends to stretch quite vertically and horizontally. So let’s count on this before germinating it, because otherwise it will not be able to develop fully.

Its size does not imply, however, high doses of nutrients or fertilizers. In fact, and because the aroma and flavor of this variety is very particular, we strongly recommend not overdoing it with fertilizers so as not to blur the terpenes of genetics. With a standard and constant watering and light it is good for it to grow. With three weeks of vegetative period it has enough to grow into a large plant. And once we put it to flower it will take between 60 and 65 days to have the flowers ready to harvest.

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